Equity Investment Strategic Overview

Our investment model goals are to create:

  1. Fundamental Dividend Equity
  2. Fixed Equity Investment Returns
  3. Quantitative Investment Strategies
  4. Individual Project Investments
  5. Diversified Project Investment

HipBiz Holdings, Inc, manages a range of strategies across market capitalizations, investment styles, and emerging and developed markets. HIpBiz Holdings, Inc’s development projects are undertaken with a long-term view and seek to allocate capital to projects with shareholder-oriented returns and dividends. HipBiz Holdings considers factors in fundamental investment decisions, leveraging both in-house qualitative research and external government and private equity data sources. HipBiz Holdings use a full set of analytical capabilities to research a variety of types of data (e.g. structured data, economic analysis, etc.) from a range of proprietary and external sources to identify potential development opportunities. Development contracts that add sufficient incremental financial value are integrated to strategies managed by the senior management team. HipBiz Holdings Inc is an active owner, engaging with management and other investors to develop and drive long-term value.