Equity Expenditure Over-site

We protect the investment assets of our clients and ensure their efficient use. All Holding Companies assets are, and will be used for legitimate business purposes that benefit and enrich the value of its holdings.

Hipbiz Holdings adhered and exceeded the regulatory standards of capital requirements with 4Q17 CET1 ratios under the Standardized and Basel III Advanced approaches, respectively, reflecting the applicable transitional equity investment provisions. In addition, substantially all of our development projects are marked to market or carried at amounts that approximate fair value as of 4Q17, which means our equity reflects market value of our current and ongoing development projects.

Our financial strategy is comprehensive and is a conservative set of liquidity and funding policies that allow us to maintain significant flexibility to address specific and broader industry and or market liquidity stress events.

Our two principle liquidity and funding policies are based on the principles of:

  1. Excess liquidity refers to having sufficient currency or highly liquid instruments at our disposal to meet fiduciary responsibilities in a stressed environment.
  2. Asset-liability management refers to having a liability profile that has sufficient term and diversification based upon the liquidity profile of our assets.