Chairman's Message


Greetings and welcome to the corporate website of Hipbiz Holdings, Inc. – the holding company of the Hipbiz Group.

I hope our portal gives you the opportunity to learn more about Hipbiz Holdings, its listed subsidiaries, Precrafted Housing, Waste to Energy, Private Resort Islands and Its Partners.

While the outlook for 2018 remains as challenging as the year before, it has not slowed us down. I can assure you that the Hipbiz team will continue to work diligently to ensure the existing businesses remain strong while keeping the developments of new projects on track. No matter how tough or challenging things may be, I will continue to guide and lead my team to deliver the best performance possible for Hipbiz Holdings, Inc.

Our main focus will be developing our Affordable Housing, Private Island Resort Hotels along with major International Trading projects. With the advancement of science and technology, I am excited about the prospects and potential of our Precrafted Housing division and Private Island investments as I am a keen believer in good health and quality of life. Some of these investments are involved in research and development which may take a period of time to see develop, but it could provide results that positively impact human lives in the future.

To our stakeholders, including our shareholders, customers, regulatory authorities, business partners and suppliers, as well as to my directors, management and employees - thank you all for your steadfast support and cooperation throughout the years, towards ensuring the success of Hipbiz. I look forward to your continued support as we chart the path of greater success and excellence for Hipbiz.

Thank you.

Azhar Khan
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Hipbiz Holdings, Inc.